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Summer begins in Old Homosassa

Summer begins in Old Homosassa

According to the calendar, summer starts with the summer solstice–the longest day of the year–and that’s June 21st. And then there’s the opinion of every TV… Read More

Old Homosassa heritage Council

Old Homosassa Heritage Council

Over four years ago a small group of Citrus County concerned citizens created the nonprofit group, Old Homosassa Historical Preservation Society.  Their main purpose… Read More

Fly Fishing Homosassa

Fly Fishing Homosassa

The Old Homosassa Learning Center, a committee of the Homosassa Civic Club, is pleased to announce that Captain Jonathan Hamilton will be presenting a seminar… Read More

Old Homosassa Heritage Park

Old Homosassa Heritage Park

Almost three years ago, Roger Cullen, a resident of Old Homosassa, formed the “Access to the River” committee with the goal of creating a county… Read More


Old Homosassa in July

Okay, let’s talk about Old Homosassa in July….and August…..and even September. It’s scallop season!  Such a fun time in Old Homosassa for all those that… Read More

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Old Homosassa Events in June

It’s HOT! Right? But that doesn’t stop the Old Homosassa community!  We have stuff to do!  And all of you NatureCoasters are invited to join… Read More

Captain William Toney

An Update from Old Homosassa

I’ve been writing here on for two months now! Started on March 28 and it’ already late May with sum-sum-summer time right around the corner! Thought… Read More