Brijbag Law Initiates Concept of Rachel’s Room

By Meaghan Goepferich Posted on October 29, 2021

Attorney Brian Brijbag and the Brijbag Family Foundation recently donated $8,000 to the Hernando County Education Foundation to establish Rachel’s Room in schools in Hernando County.

Brijbag Law, Through the Brijbag Family Foundation, Inc., Initiates Concept of Rachel’s Room

The donation was matched through several means with the Hernando County Education Foundation including but not limited to the School District Education Foundation Matching Grant Program, Suncoast Credit Union and Hernando County Education Foundation. This resulted in the creation of a Rachel’s Room in three schools: Deltona Elementary, Pine Grove Elementary, and West Hernando Elementary Schools. (Pine Grove had already initiated a partial sensory room.)

What is a Rachel’s Room?

Rachel’s Room is a Sensory room. Sensory rooms use sensory equipment to create a controlled sensory focused environment. These environments allow sensory experiences to be individual tailored to meet the specific needs of an individual. Good sensory rooms are well structured so that the amount and intensity of a sensory experience can be easily controlled and monitored.

There are multiple purposes for a sensory room. They can promote self-organization, be a calming area, provide leisure help with sensory integration, or act as skilled training centers. A well-designed room can also serve people of all ages, multiple disabilities, as well as facilitators, teachers, parents, caregivers, and therapists.

Schools and mental health facilities use sensory rooms to reduce stress, reduce stereotyped repetitive behaviors, reduce aggression, increase focus, motivate learning, increase interaction, and assist with sensory integration therapy.

Common components of a sensory room include but are not limited to:  a bubble tube, fiberoptic sprays or lighting, bean bag chairs, interactive wallboards, rocking chairs and glider rockers, comfortable rugs, stereo or MP3 player with headphones, therapy balls, lighting projector that can display various colors and patterns, weighted blankets or weighted lap pads, a flowing water fountain, bins with assorted sensory activities, aromatherapy diffuser kit,

“It is more important how you use the space and not what you have in it,” says Brian Brijbag, Esq. One of the most common mistakes is to go into a sensory room and turn on every piece of equipment. This can be very over stimulating for some. If used incorrectly students can self-injurious or aggressive behavior. The equipment is only as good as the person using it, that’s why training is essential.

Why is Brian Brijbag and his family foundation doing this?

“To answer that question, we have to go to why I became an attorney in the first place,” said Brian. “While providing for my family is a goal as the owner of my own firm, it would not be my only motivation.”

Brian has had a successful career in the healthcare profession for over 20 years. Having earned several degrees, he was offered an opportunity to get a juris doctor at almost no cost. He decided to pursue legal education for the purpose of opening his own firm. You see, for several years Brian was a single father raising three children. His middle child, Rachel, is autistic and has also required most of his attention. Brian visited countless physicians and therapy appointments and prayed countless prayers all seeking the wisdom on how best to prepare his special daughter as she becomes an adult.

“My heart broke when she was teased at school or struggled with homework,” said Brian. “Like most parents I wondered how my kids would succeed as adults. But with Rachel I had concerns about her future, and I knew I needed to plan to help her into adulthood.”

Brian became an attorney to help his children learn about the law and help victims get justice while practicing empathy and compassion. He also became an attorney to help his children help their community. “I became an attorney to help Rachel be fine long after I am gone,” said Brian. “My intention is to provide a gentle environment for Rachel and other children to learn life skills. A place where they could be gently corrected when they need guidance.”

About Brian Brijbag and Brijbag law

Attorney Brian Brijbag has over 20 years’ experience in personal injury after having worked in the medical field in multiple roles. Brian is a longtime resident of the Nature Coast of Florida and now enjoys raising his family in the community. A graduate of Springstead High School, Brian has long been a supporter of the Nature Coast serving as chairperson of the Hernando County Fine Arts Council, a Florida motivational speaker, sponsor of the Brijbag Invitational High School Wrestling Tournament, and is founding member of the Brooksville Band Shell Bash.

Brian is the author of 7 Deadly Sins of Your Florida Personal Injury Case: A Victim’s Guide to Florida Personal Injury Claims, as well as the author of Southern Chivalry: Environmental Hazard Risk Communication & Perception In a Small, Southern Neighborhood.

Brijbag law practices in the Florida state courts and the middle district of Florida Federal Courts. Brian holds a juris doctor degree from Western Michigan University T.M. Cooley Law School. He holds the following degrees from the University of Southern Florida:  Master of Public Health, Master of Applied Anthropology, Bachelor of Arts in Applied Anthropology, and Bachelor of Arts in Religious Studies.

Brijbag Law is located at 5329 Commercial Way, Spring Hill, Florida 34606. Call 352-358-5880 to schedule an appointment or email [email protected].

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