All Brooksville Parks have Reopened

The Brooksville Parks and Recreation Department is happy to announce that all areas of Tom Varn Park are now open.

  • Jerome Brown Community Center is open
  • Tom Varn Basketball Courts are open
  • McKethan Park is open
  • Tom Varn Park Playground is open
  • Tom Varn Park Pavilions are open
  • Tom Varn Park Softball fields are open
  • Jerome Brown Softball Fields are open
  • Brooksville Cemetery at 1275 Olmes Road is open
  • Quarry Walking Trail at 800 John Gary Grubbs Blvd. is open
  • Good Neighbor Trail is open
  • Russell Street Park is open
  • Tom Varn Walking Trail re-opened 09/27/17
  • Tom Varn Park Volleyball Courts re-opened 09/27/17