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Upicktopia and Masaryk Winery

We are a blueberry, blackberry, and u-pick farm with over 56 acres of land to grow delicious fruits and vegetables. We started in 1996 as a commercial blueberry farm but we are now morphing into a u-pick operation that will have as many different types of fruits and vegetables as are imaginable.

We recently opened a boutique winery on the farm where our fresh fruit is transformed into wonderful tasting wines. Our tasting room is now open, and we have a lovely banquet room that is free to use with the purchase of a case of wine. Expect great things!

Try the Wine for FREE – Just bring in the Coupon

FREE GLASS OF WINE with the coupon attached to this profile. Just print it and bring it to the Winery Friday, Saturday or Sunday between 11am and 8pm. There are blackberry, blueberry, strawberry, peach, apple cider, watermelon and blue-blackberry wines in dry, sweet and sparkling varieties. Some wines are available only seasonally.

About Masaryk Winery

With all the fruit grown on Upicktopia, a natural extension of the business was to create fruit-based wines. The Ebbecke’s enjoy wine and wanted to create varieties that were sweet, dry or sparkling with the fresh produce they grew. The winery was built and licensed in 2016, with new and innovative flavors coming with each season.

A friendly place, where patrons are welcomed and weekend entertainment is part of the experience. Boars Head meats and cheeses are available with crackers, and guests are welcome to try any of the vintages.

Natural Pest Management on the Farm

We do not spray pesticides without reason and use the softest thing possible to avoid damage to our bee hives and the environment.

We use an Integrated Pest Management a system that consists of:

  • scouting daily to look for problems
  • identifying the problem
  • determining if it will cause significant impact on the crop, and then
  • we choose the appropriate product to control the problem.

We start with products that would be allowed in Organic production and then step up to stronger stuff needed. We do not use neonics or GMO’s on our farm

UPICKTOPIA Estimated Harvest Dates*:

Pumpkins: October 9 through November 25th. Last day of the Pumpkin Patch is October 31. We will have cooking pumpkins until Thanksgiving.

Blackberries: May 1st through June 10th (limited volumes)

Spring/Summer Vegetables: April 15th through June 15th

Peaches: April 20th through May 10th

Blueberries: April 1st through May 10th

Strawberries: November 15th through April 15th

Winter Vegetables: November 15th through April 15th

Herbs: Year round

Please remember that a farm is subject to Mother Nature’s whims. If you want a specific fruit or vegetable, be sure to call before you come out so we can ensure it is available for you.