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Chinsegut Conservation Center February 2019 Programs

By Florida's Original NatureCoaster™ Posted on January 24, 2019

Chinsegut Conservation Center is open to the public from 8 AM until 2 PM Fridays and Saturdays and other times for scheduled programs or by appointment. Educators and organized groups can book programs year-round based on staff and volunteer availability.

The Center hosts many wildlife education programs and hikes throughout the year. Fun educational programs connect visitors with biologists and wildlife experts to explore and become familiar with Florida’s unique and sensitive natural areas. Located 6 miles north of Brooksville, Chinsegut Conservation Center Tract covers 408 of the 850 acres comprising Chinsegut Wildlife and Environmental Area (WEA). January 2019 programs are below:

Nature Explorers; Animal Tracks: February 6th 10:30 AM

Explore the variety of wildlife found in Florida through the art of track ID. Learn how animal foot prints are cast and how to tell them apart in this fun indoor/outdoor program. Children will paint their feet in this program with water soluble finger paints. You may choose for your child to not participate in this activity at your discretion. If you have not already registered for this program series call (352) 754-6722 to let us know you’re coming. Program runs 1.5 Hours

Planting a Refuge for Wildlife: February 8th 1:00 PM

Shape your yard into an amazing landscape to help wildlife thrive. Learn about structuring an animal friendly landscape while discouraging pests. Following class, you can take home the Planting a Refuge book for just 5$ per copy. No need to register, for this free class. Program runs 1.5 Hours

Night Hike; Winter-breeding frogs: February 8th 6:00 PM

A select few frog species are vocal and amorous in the cooler months of the year. Ages 8+ can attend this guided night hiking/ dip-netting journey to May’s Prairie to document what tadpoles can be found this February. Please register online or at (352) 754-6722. Limited to 15 people. Program runs 2.0 Hours

3-D Archery Shoot: February 9th 9:00 AM

Archers should arrive by 9 AM to join us for this shoot to prepare for the upcoming ASA ‘tournament’ shoot in April. Course is 15 lanes with 3-D target variety. Sight in your bow on our practice range. Small fee applies to help us continue to maintain our equipment. Call (352) 754-6722 for more information, no registration required. Join Drawn by Grace for provided lunch following shoot. Allow 3-4 hours to participate fully.

Nature Photography: February 10th 10:00 AM

Professional photographer Alice Herden offers unique opportunities each month to join her on an exploration of nature with guided DSLR camera tips and techniques. Alice has instructed photographers of all ages and is helping get participants ready for our upcoming Chinsegut Wildlife photography showcase at our Wildlife Day event in March. Register through; $20.00 fee applies.Program runs 3.0 Hours

Science Explorers; Wildlife Biology: February 13th 10:00 AM

A large part of managing habitat and ensuring the health of wildlife is based on how much each animal needs to survive. This month’s Science Explorers will go in depth on carrying capacity and balancing animal populations with quality habitat. We will use basic math skills and play some games to see how resources affect wildlife populations. Free program for ages 10-13, register online or by calling (352) 754-6722. Program runs 2.5 Hours

Animal Romance: February 14th 1:00 PM

Few things are more diverse and unusual than the evolution of breeding behaviors and structures among animals. Learn how animals compete for mates and what drives the ever-changing selection process in this one-hour program. Adults only, register to attend by calling (352) 754-6722.

Eagles at Hernando County Landfill: February 15th 9:00 AM

A unique opportunity to join a group of bird watchers on an eagle expedition. Learn how eagles are intertwined in waste management, how waste services balance their input and impact for sensitive species and help with conservation. Juvenile and adult eagles will be observed on this trip. Ages 12+ only please. Register at (352) 754-6722. Meet at Chinsegut 9:00 AM. Program runs 3 Hours

Wetlands Walk: February 16th 10:00 AM

A guided walk to Chinsegut’s wetlands to look at life on the water’s edge. Look for wading birds, frogs and maybe even catch a glimpse of a gator! This is a hike for all ages, terrain is not ideal for strollers.Program length 1.5 Hours

Children in the WILD; Pee-Wee Archery: February 16th 2:00 PM

An opportunity for mom or dad to work alongside youngsters who are interested in learning archery. Ages 5-9 will have an opportunity to learn the basics of archery using our scaled down equipment, one-on-one coaching and help from mom or dad. Space is limited for this one-hour program.           Register at (352) 754-6722. Program runs 1 Hour

Tuesday Wildlife Trek: February 19th 5:00 PM

As the sun sets a new shift of wildlife begins in the forest. Join Katie for a guided stroll to enjoy the sights, sounds and smells of nature while the weather is nice. Please RSVP at (352) 754-6722. Program runs 1.5 hours

Beginning Birding with Audubon: February 22nd 8:00 AM

Take advantage of the weather by joining this guided birding stroll through Chinsegut. Hike begins at the center at 8 AM. Program offered through Hernando Audubon volunteers. See song birds, wading birds and maybe even catch a glimpse of the great horned owl spotted many times recently.1-3 Hour program

Beginners Archery: Feb 23rd 10:00 AM

Learn the basics of target archery using compound bows from skilled instructors. This program is for ages 12+, advanced registration is required. All equipment is provided by Chinsegut Conservation Center. Register at (352) 754-6722 or online at

Walking Sticks; Perry Oldenberg: February 23rd 8:30 AM

Each month this hiking club meets at a Florida Fish and Wildlife Management Area to explore wildlife, habitats and wildlife biology. This month we hike Perry Oldenberg WEA, a beautiful property with an interesting past. Perry Oldenberg also sits along a portion of the Florida National Scenic Trail. Call to register at (352) 754-6722. Meet at site, east of US 41 at the end of Deer Run Rd. 2-mile hike. Program runs 2 Hours


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