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Cruising Hernando Beach in Style

By Diane Bedard Posted on July 17, 2019

Rosa and Randy are lifetime boaters who grew up on the Weeki Wachee river. They look like they are in their fifties or so, and they traveled by boat around the state of Florida & the Bahamas. Then, about eleven years ago, Marina Rose was brought into their lives.

“It was a miracle that we would have a child, we feel very blessed,” Rosa shared with me.

Marina Rose is also growing up around boats. She loves the joy of taking people out on the boat and letting them experience the magic of traveling on the sea.

Rosa and Randy were considering their next move in life, consulting with a real estate broker friend, when Marina, at the age of five, chimed in and said, “Let’s take people out on the boat and show them a good time,” Rosa said, “so we began looking for the right vessel.”

Randy was grinning from ear to ear as Rosa shared their reason for beginning Marina Rose Enterprises.

Finding the Perfect Vessel to ‘Show people a good time’ in Hernando Beach

The Island Rose Hernando Beach
The Island Rose is now in Hernando Beach, offering lunch cruises, sunset dinner cruises and weekend brunch cruises by Marina Rose Enterprises, LLC.

“We found the Island Rose on the internet.” It had been custom-built in Florida and transported to Fairbanks Alaska where it worked on the river for a time. After a few years it was transported back to Florida and sold to a company that used it on a lake in central Florida.

“We had it transported from there to a marina in Hernando Beach and began the lengthy restoration. It needed a lot of work, but we were up to the task,” Randy continued.

sunset cruise
A sunset dinner cruise on the Island Rose is a treat.

Today, you and I can enjoy this delightful boat with a small group of friends – old and new, as Marina Rose Enterprises offers sunset dinner cruises, lunch cruises, and brunch cruises on their beautiful Island Rose boat out of Hernando Beach.

YouTube video
The Marina Rose Cruise Experience is located in Hernando Beach along Florida’s Nature Coast.

NatureCoaster’s Cruise Experience aboard the Island Rose

On Father’s Day, 2019, my husband and I joined some friends for the Father’s Day Brunch cruise on the Island Rose by Marina Rose Enterprises. It was a fantastic experience, from the quality of the food to the comfort and ambiance of the vessel. The jovial crew added to our enjoyment, from start to finish.

The views along the cruise included small islands, local homes, seabirds and, of course, the sparkling expanse of the Gulf of Mexico. We did not catch any dolphin sightings on our particular journey, but they are a common occurence for Island Rose guests.

cruising out of Hernando Beach
Beautiful sights as we cruised out of Hernando Beach Marina toward the Gulf of Mexico.

After meeting at the Hernando Beach Marina, 4139 Shoal Line Boulevard, 30 minutes prior to our cruise departure, we were welcomed aboard the Island Rose.

Its interior is quite inviting, a rectangular room with several tables set, a small bar and serving area for the food. It smelled wonderful, with the tantalizing aroma of herbed tenderloin of beef.

Island Rose interior
The interior of the Island Rose is comfortable, seating up to 18 guests at tables of 2, 4, or more. Air conditioned, with a small bar and serving area, windows that open and beautiful bronze lights on the walls.

Food, drink, and entertainment were included in our Cruise

The meal was fantastic. Our server carved the tenderloin and filled our plates as we cued up by table. Roasted vegetables, biscuits and gravy, quiche, cheesy scalloped potatoes made for a feast! I ate too much and loved every bite. Banana pudding capped off the meal – mmmmmmmmmm, good…

beef tenderloin
Our meal was fantastic. Herbed beef tenderloin, cut and served, roasted veggies, scalloped cheesy potatoes, quiche, biscuits and gravy and banana pudding.

Included in the package for this special cruise was a complimentary glass of champagne, mimosa, Beso Sangria, or a draft beer, as well as unlimited water, iced tea, and coffee. Wine, beer and sodas are available for purchase onboard.

The special Father’s Day brunch included champagne, mimosa, sangria or a beer for each guest.

We enjoyed the fine acoustic guitar and vocal talents of Dan Benaducci on our Father’s Day Cruise aboard the Island Rose. Dan has a warm voice and guitar, entertaining us with classics from the ‘60s and ‘70s. The volume level was a nice accompaniment to our experience, not overwhelming, so we were able to talk with our friends and enjoy the music.

Dan Benaducci
Dan Benaducci of Brooksville entertained us aboard the Island Rose.

The Island Rose has two decks, allowing guests to get out an enjoy the fresh sea air from the front or back as we tour the area. The windows on the vessel open also to offer a gentle breeze inside. The Island Rose is also air-conditioned throughout, which makes for a truly comfortable cruising experience.

Enjoying a Cruise around the Nature Coast’s Summer Rains takes skill

rear deck
Decks on the front and back of the Island Rose allow guests to enjoy the fresh sea air.

The day we cruised, rain was threatening, but Randy and Rosa were optimistic, checking the radar and asking passengers if they were ok leaving a little later than our schedule. We all happily agreed and, after a short time our window of opportunity opened.

We were off on our cruise, heading through Hernando Beach waterways and out to the gorgeous Gulf of Mexico. We were quite fortunate, as the Father’s Day Sunset Dinner Cruise had to be rescheduled due to weather.

Summer on the Nature Coast requires flexibility and skill in safely piloting vessels between storms, although the Island Rose tracks through water that isn’t more than 3 feet or so, according to Randy Rossi.

Summer on the water can be challenging around here, with rainstorms coming and going. An experienced Nature Coast Captain is accustomed to finding the perfect window to get out and enjoy the water without weather affecting the experience.

It is good to know that Marina Rose Enterprises utilizes skilled captains to guide their cruises.

Dennis and Diane Bedard, Ted and Linda Brookover enjoying our Father’s Day Brunch Cruise by Marina Rose Enterprises. Yes, we ate it all.

Does Everyone Love a Marina Rose Enterprises Cruise Experience?

Our friends enjoyed the wonderful cruise experience as much as we did. And our satisfaction with Marina Rose Enterprises offerings aboard the Island Rose is not unique. They have a 5-star rating on Trip Advisor.

Sandra Holliday Day posted this beautiful sunset picture from her family’s Sunset Dinner Cruise aboard the Island Rose July 3.

Sandra Holliday Day took a sunset cruise on July 3 with her family and had this to say about it, “Our sunset cruise on the Island Rose last night was awesome! It holds (nearly) 20 people and you can have a dinner cruise or just a sunset cruise! If you want to check out the amazing sunsets in Hernando county it is a great way to do it!”

Book your Marina Rose Cruise Experience in Hernando Beach

Rosa and Randy offer sunset dinner cruises, lunch cruises, and brunch cruises on their beautiful Island Rose vessel out of Hernando Beach. There must be a minimum of ten people to make a cruise date, but the Rossi’s are great at getting people together to have a good time on the water.

Rosa Rossi bartending with our onboard server, Stephanie, who was professional and fun, carving our beef, getting additional drinks, clearing our tables, and making sure we were comfortable and felt cared for.

You can call 352-232-8128 to reserve your Marina Rose Enterprises lunch, sunset dinner, weekend brunch, or custom cruise experience aboard the Island Rose today.

Each cruise experience is between 2 and 2-1/2 hours, although I could have stayed on mine all day.

You can also check available cruise dates for the Island Rose on their web site by clicking here. Each cruise on the calendar has its menu listed, as well as the restaurant providing the catering. Hover over the cruise date/title to see details. Prices vary from $44.99 to $59.99 per person, including the cruise, delicious meal, water, iced tea and coffee.

You can tell them you’re a NatureCoaster for the best table in the house.

Island Rose party
Charter the Island Rose for your next special occasion.

How about Chartering the Island Rose for a Special Event?

When you are looking for the perfect way to celebrate a special event, consider booking a private charter on the Island Rose for up to 18 passengers. Custom food and beverage packages are available also.

Complete wedding packages aboard the Island Rose start at $1,695.00 for up to 18 passengers. What a way to get hitched! I got married on a paddleboat out of St. Pete Beach nearly 20 years ago and I can tell you that it is a great way to tie the knot.

As Marina Rose says, ‘Let’s take people out on the boat and show them a good time.’ That is the Marina Rose Experience!”

Marina Rose Enterprises shares the joy of being on the water with each Guest

As Randy and Rosa state on their website, “By the grace of God, here we are, with our lifetime passion for pleasure boating, and sunsets, with a desire to share with others the joy of being out on the water.

Our motto goes back to Marina’s statement ‘Let’s take people out on the boat and show them a good time.’ That is the Marina Rose Experience!”


Marilyn Brennan says

I read your beautiful article about marina Rose. We have a home in Florida and we are there in January. I am looking forward to reserving a trip for my husband and I. The food looks delicious and the trip sounds interesting. Hope to see you during the winter !


Florida's Original NatureCoaster™ says

Marilyn, I am sure you will both be pleased. I am so glad you are able to visit in January. Most of us here in the summer are looking for water-based activities to get away from the heat. Thanks for being a NatureCoaster!


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