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Dade City Garden Club discovers that ‘Bees Are Hot Tamales’

By Florida's Original NatureCoaster™ Posted on February 27, 2018

Christy Linke proclaimed her love and devotion to native Florida bees at the Dade City Garden Club, during a lively, animated program on Monday, February 19.

It was clear that she is excited about her topic, exclaiming, ‘Bees are the Hot Tamales’ of your yard!

Christy has been studying and raising native Florida bees for over 6 years, and as an officer in the Plant City Garden Club and chair of the Birds, Bees and Butterflies committee for the Florida Federation of Garden Clubs, she is well-known to many garden club members as the State Bee Chairman as well as the District 8 Director.

At the February 19 meeting, she was introduced by her long-time friend, Pat Carver of the Dade City Garden Club.

Linke presented her beautiful color photos depicting bees in a variety of bee houses through a presentation operated by volunteer, Richard Riley. Her devotion to studying bees was evident as Linke walked the club through the life cycle of the bees, reproduction and their beneficial effects on pollination and thus the environment and eco-systems.

Linke is particularly passionate concerning teaching young people about bees. She is eager to demystify fears about bees, encouraging members to “Listen to the Wings” and providing information about observing them and safety.

Sharing her presentation was talented and articulate 9-year-old home-school student, Emily Ganyon from A Land of Delight Natural Farm in Plant City. Emily utilized a variety of catchy techniques and audience participation to teach the club about honey. She provided an overview of some key health benefits of using raw honey, including boosting the immune system, allergy relief and even memory improvement. Emily’s family was on hand with a supply of various types of honey and to answer questions, sharing information about their local raw honey. They also talked about upcoming events at their organic farm and market in Plant City.

Linke shared that there are 319 native bees in the State of Florida and 4,000 in North America. She encouraged the Dade City Garden Club  members to create a friendly habitat for native, solitary bees, who are essential in the process of plant pollination. She encouraged members to build bee houses and place them in their yards, describing that hosting bees can increase the production of plants, fruit trees and flowers.

Linke recognized the Dade City Garden Club which will be incorporating lessons on bees for the Nature Detective Program for students’ ages 6 to 12, this summer at the Dade City Library. The program is spearheaded by members, Penny Jefferson, Sally Redden and Gennie Geiger.

Debbie Parks, President of the club thanked Linke. Parks will be on hand at the Pasco County Fair this week to provide information about the Garden Club. For the Table Scape exhibit in the Collura House at the fair, Parks and Carver created two creative exhibits of table scape; one is focused on a Cinco de Mayo theme created by Parks and the other is entitled “Everyone is Excited about the Steer Show,” was developed by Carver. For more information on the Dade City Garden Club, contact Debbie Parks, President at: [email protected]



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