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Discover Broad Street Market Restaurant: Fresh, Friendly and Satisfying

By Diane Bedard Posted on February 14, 2019

An unassuming storefront at 4 Broad Street in Brooksville had been catching my eye for a few months when I decided to finally stop in to check it out.

Broad Street Market is a “new” restaurant that moved into the historic Jennings building in June of 2017.

The menu, and the sign on the door read “Casual Urban Dining.” I simply wanted a burger, although their menu offered several fresh fish options, as well as salads, pasta and a steak.

“Market Angus Burger 8 – Fire grilled ½ pound certified angus beef on a split top bun with your choice of lettuce, tomato, onion and pickle. Served with rosemary fries. Add bacon for $2 • american, cheddar, swiss, blue cheese – $1 •”

Sounded good. Certified angus beef with rosemary fries for $8? Sounded almost too good to be true. And the rosemary fries intrigued me. Unusual, but they sounded good. I like rosemary. And, of course, my customary water with lemon.

So I ordered.

Ann, my server that day, smiled a wide, warm smile and went behind the bar to retrieve a quart-sized bottle of chilled water with a swing top. She put several slices of lemon in a tall glass and graciously poured my first round.

Caribbean mahi tacos were my second lunch at Broad Street. So delicious with fresh mahi, fresh salsa, lots of cheese and the requisite rosemary fries. I love how my chilled water is served in a quart sized bottle with a stopper.

I like it.

The burger was delivered in the right amount of time. It was hot, juicy and the bun was toasted. I bit into it and was rewarded with a resounding “delicious!” The rosemary fries smelled divine and they tasted great!

At this point, I was feeling pretty good about the Broad Street Market Restaurant and I went home to convince my husband to try it for dinner.

About the Broad Street Market’s Owners

Eric Gallery is the restaurant’s owner and chef. Although not classically trained, Eric is a gourmand who spent years in customer service management and after some life-changing experiences, he came to Brooksville in 2014.

He began cooking at age 7 and has a natural gift for pairing spices and foods.

Todd behind the bar, discussing Broad Street Market with Eric, co-owner. Isn’t the bar spectacular?

“I love the small town vibe, and the people that come into the restaurant. I love to hear Brooksville stories and feel like I’m living in a movie,” Eric shared with me when I came to interview him. “Fresh ingredients are really important to me. I like to know where the food is coming from, so I try to tour the facilities that provide our ingredients.”

Todd Smith is co-owner of Broad Street Market. He is a quiet, unassuming person who has several years of experience managing McDonald’s restaurants. Todd is very hands on and is often bussing and cleaning tables, backing up everyone because he knows all the positions so well.

Commitment to the Staff

Eric and Todd are strong believers in employee commitment. It is their goal to provide a fine dining experience with a casual environment at fair prices. To do this, they believe, they must hire and grow the best employees.

“We have really good people on our team,” Eric boasts, “Ann Bloxsom was a server at the Fireside Inn and Susie’s. She began with us in June of 2017 and now runs the day shift as our front of the house manager.”

The spicy Cajun Chicken Pasta is a great choice for landlubbers in your group.

John Lew started as a dishwasher. Within an hour, Eric saw him as a server. He is gracious and charming, with a smile that welcomes each guest.

Mark Fahnestock is the Kitchen Manager. Mark also began as a dishwasher and worked really hard. “His work ethic caught my eye,” Eric said, “and so we began working together to teach him how I want this kitchen run. He does a great job.”

On the day I came to meet Eric for the interview, Amanda Raymond was waiting to turn in an application. She came back to clean, bus and train, and is now in the kitchen as a prep cook.

Caribbean Mahi Mahi filet with mango salsa, fresh vegetables and jasmine rice. Yummmmmm.

“Cleanliness is imperative. We want each guest greeted immediately so they feel welcome in ‘our home’. I love being in the kitchen and interacting with the employees and the restaurant’s guests. This is what I have always wanted to do,” Eric shares with me.

Casual Urban Dining in Brooksville

When friends told Eric and Todd how wonderful Brooksville is, they visited several times. They wanted to find a small town to call home. In 2014, they moved up here and began laying out the plan.

Originally they planned to have a steak house in the current location, but the owner of the building chose Kaz’s Sports Bar instead. After Kaz’s left, that gentleman contacted the Broad Street Boys and suggested they take the place over.

Fish Tacos started on the Specials menu, but have become part of the daily lunch offerings.

By this time, construction had begun on Chop Block Steak House, just south of town on Broad Street in a small shopping center. But the construction was slow, so Eric and Todd agreed to start their business at the location at 4 S. Broad Street and specialize in seafood.

June of 2018, Broad Street Market celebrated its one-year anniversary at the current location.

The Menu is Varied and the Food is Fresh

With seafood as the focus, I have tried the Lobster Roll, the shrimp feast, the rainbow trout, the Caribbean Mahi Mahi with this amazing pina colada rice, the fried shrimp and the fish tacos and Mahi tacos so far. My husband has also tried the Cajun chicken pasta. They are all excellent.

Now I am hooked on the lunchtime all you can eat soup, salad and breadsticks (sound familiar?).

Clam chowder, made fresh daily, fresh house salad with balsamic vinaigrette and my requisite water with lemon.

The salad at this restaurant is so fresh. The lettuce is crunchy and the croutons are not too hard. There is the house salad, with medium thick cucumber slices, a couple of fresh cherry tomatoes, a few rings of red onion and fresh croutons – with shaved parmesan on top. This added touch defines the goals of Broad Street Market to me. The Caesar salad is just as fresh, with lettuce, croutons and shaved parmesan – but the dressing is already mixed on the salad, although all the dressings are made in-house.

Now to the soup. I am simply hooked on the clam chowder here. Creamy, smooth, full of clams and very buttery. It is simply delicious. Eric admits this soup is a lot of work. “It can’t get to a boil or the consistency is lost.” It can be ordered with bacon bits on top or not. Just tell your server which you would prefer.

The vegetable beef soup is also delicious. Big, but not too big, hunks of tender beef with nicely sized carrots, potatoes and veggies to warm anyone on a cold day, as well as satisfy the appetite.

Did I mention Beer & Wine Selections?

Broad Street Market’s Bar is a focal point of the restaurant’s warm interior. Beer and wine selections are plentiful, including craft beers on tap, by the bottle, and LOTS of wine choices. Standards such as Heineken and Yeungling are available too.

With several choices on tap, including standards like Bud Light and Stella Artois and craft brews like Elysian Space Dust from Seattle Washington and Red Right Return from Marker 48 in Brooksville, Broad Street Market’s beautiful wooden bar and high back chairs make a great place to stop for a cold one and an appetizer or sandwich.

Bottled beers from Corona to Heineken to Yeungling are available.

Wine selections are also wonderful and varied, with complimentary suggestions from the skilled wait staff.

The entrance to Broad Street Market restaurant is somewhat unassuming, but this gem located in the Jennings Building in downtown Brooksville is well worth a drive from anywhere on the Nature Coast.

Why I keep coming back for more

I have been eating at Broad Street Market regularly for months now. They have become a partner with NatureCoaster and I couldn’t be more pleased.

I have brought friends, family, and business associates to Broad Street Market to enjoy the fresh and varied food, the gracious service and the inviting atmosphere.

Argentinian shrimp are always large, fresh and cooked properly, whether on salad, fried or in the Shrimp Feast, which I ate so fast I forgot to take a picture of it.

Eric comes out of the kitchen to check on nearly every table, and I have had him pick up my check if things weren’t to my satisfaction. This is due to his and Todd’s 100% commitment to customer satisfaction that is throughout this wonderful organization, and it shows.

The business is growing and I expect that when they open their Chop Block restaurant the same thing will happen.

Broad Street Market’s Location and Hours

The Broad Street Market Restaurant is located at 4 Broad Street in downtown Brooksville, right across the street from the Confederate statue in front of the historic courthouse. It is one door off of the corner of Main and Broad and parking is available on the street or within two city parking lots less than a block away.

Hours are Tuesday through Friday from 11 a.m. to 9 p.m. and Saturday from 4 p.m. to 9 p.m. They do take reservations. You can call 352-678-6767. Their website is Then post your favorites in the comments!




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