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Submission Guidelines

  • All events must take place within Citrus, Hernando or Pasco Counties, aka the Nature Coast of Florida.
  • Event entries can include a photo or graphic for attention for only $25. If you include a graphic with your submission, it will only be published if you pay the $25 graphic fee.
  • Event descriptions must be —
    • 30 words or longer,
    • written in normal upper and lower case, or what is called sentence case,
    • written as an event announcement (please, don’t copy and paste a press release),
    • written as an event (vs an ad)  and
    • free of grammatical and spelling errors.
  • We reserve the right to edit or reject any event for any reason.

*Event Packages

What makes an event an event? is a community events calendar with events provided by organizations, people and businesses. People define events differently, so for the sake of this calendar and a good guideline for posting events, here is our definition:

An event appropriate to post on this calendar —

  1. begins and ends,
  2. is held at a physical place and
  3. occurs in Citrus, Hernando or Pasco Counties, aka the Nature Coast of Florida

And should be special and require some degree of planning and promotion. Particularly for restaurants and stores, be attentive here as a happy hour or dinner specials are not an event, whereas a happy hour with live music is, and a special dinner event that happens only once a year, for example, is.

** If you already publish a calendar of events that has an ical feed, we can merge your calendar into ours without you having to do double duty. Send an email with your calendar information and your contact information and we will do our best to work together.

** Please note that we reserve the right not to publish your event if it does not fit with our mission to unite the area’s people, places and things.