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Getting Rescued at TreeUmph!

By Florida's Original NatureCoaster™ Posted on July 9, 2018

I am proud to say I went to TreeUmph! Adventure Park of Brooksville three times last week. I am getting pretty good at courses 1 and 2. The people who work there keep commenting that I am doing those courses quickly.

When I joined for a year at TreeUmph! of Brooksville, I was proud when I accomplished course 1. I was scared, but I took my time and had lots of encouragement and assistance from the guides. When I made it to the end, I proudly ventured to the Triumph Zipline and enjoyed an exciting 450 foot zip! Weeeeeeeeeeee

I was encouraged to try course 2, and reminded that there is always someone there to help if you get stuck, so I did. And one obsctacle near the end of course 2 scared me a lot. The guide, however, noticed my apprehension and coached me through the obstacle giving me techniques to make it more manageable.

So I became fairly proficient at courses 1 and 2. One of the guides had suggested building my confidence on 1 and 2 for a bit before venturing to 3. Another one suggested I was so good at 1 and 2 that I should try the first half of 3. We agreed that on Friday, July 6, I would do that. I was very focused on my way to the park and throughout courses 1 and 2.

Course 3 is a Big Jump in Challenge

Yes, the first guide had hinted at this, but the second one seemed so sure I would enjoy 3 that I just planned to do it today. OMG!

Course 3 starts with a rock climbing wall! I have never tried a rock climbing wall. I think they are for crazy people… and young, athletic people. Not a 50-something woman who works on a computer and is overweight, with very limited upper body strength. I immediately asked if there wasn’t another way to start course 3.

I do not like rock walls and was just going to give up. My guide, Victoria, encouraged me to just try. She was so nice and helpful that I acquiesced and, with her coaching, got two rocks up before falling. Mind you, I was not three feet off the ground, but the system stopped me and I thought, “Hell NO.”

I took a break and sat down, again encouraged by my guide to just try again, but not pushed. She said to just rest and think about it. Either way was fine. I sat for five minutes, looking at the vertical obstacle and decided that I really did want to go on course 3 – the more challenging courses have longer zip lines – so I stood up and planned my ascent.

Victoria was alongside me, suggesting routes and explaining color coded “rocks” and the alternative loops up the left side of the wall. We came up with a strategy and she stood beside me as I began again, but this time I made it to the top! Wow! What an achievement! I was out of breath and my heart was pounding, so I stood there for several minutes before I looked at the first object – it was a doozy.

I got about halfway through that one and cuss words came out of my mouth and fear came, but again Vic coached me through. I got to the platform and again stopped, resting my heartbeat and my breath until I was back to normal. The next object was one I like – a bridge like challenge from one tree to another. I feel like I have mastered these and it allowed me to relax a little before the vertical rope bridge.

I got 3/4 through that one and had to cry “Guide” for help. I was rescued. My arms throbbed. My legs were jelly and my body was simply exhausted. I was allowed to “rest” in my harness, high above the ground. Vic was a strong, brave rescuer. She climbed up to the evil rope bridge and got out to where I was.

I was offered to continue or stop. After several questions about the upcoming obstacles, I chose to stop. I was whipped.

But I made a reservation for Monday at 8 am and I am still proud of how much I accomplished. This is a wonderful place and a wonderful way to work out. I highly suggest you try it too. Although there are multiple tree top adventure courses in the Nature Coast, TreeUmph! is a great place to play. Click here to save 10% on your adventure and use the code SAVE10 any day.

Stay tuned for more of the merry mishaps and growing health of this NatureCoaster.