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Handbook for Dementia Friendly Congregations announced

By Florida's Original NatureCoaster™ Posted on December 31, 2018

Dementia Education, Inc., a Citrus County-based non-profit corporation, has announced the publication of “A Handbook for Dementia Friendly Congregations.”  The organization’s president, Ed Youngblood, explains, “Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia are expected to grow significantly over the coming decades.  Absent a cure, this trend will overwhelm America’s health system, and much of the burden of care will fall on families and private sector organizations, including religious communities.”

In support of this trend, Youngblood points out that nearly 30 churches in Citrus and adjoining counties have already sponsored care and awareness training to become certified Dementia Friendly.

The Handbook is intended to encourage and support faith-based organizations that have dementia care and outreach programs.  It tells how to train members and leadership in Alzheimer’s awareness and compassionate care, how to recognize members of the congregation who may be living with dementia, how to create programs within a congregation to respond both internally and outward toward the community at large, how to help families living with dementia, and how to create services that will make a religious community more Dementia Friendly.

“A Handbook for Dementia Friendly Congregations” is now available at Amazon.com for $9.95.  It will be distributed free of charge to all churches that have or plan to sponsor dementia awareness and care training in west-central Florida, and is available from Dementia-Education, Inc. at quantity discounts.  For more information, call Ed Youngblood at 614-519-2843.


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