Hernando County to close sandbag locations until Sept. 8

We are quickly depleting our sandbag supplies and are projecting to use upwards of 30,000 sandbags just today. Projecting this trend, sandbag distribution operations will be suspended at 4 p.m. today, some sites will be depleted sooner. We will resume operations once additional supplies are received, which is expected to occur Friday, September 8. An announcement will be sent once operations resume.

More than 80,000 bags have been distributed since Wednesday at 8 a.m.

6 thoughts on “Hernando County to close sandbag locations until Sept. 8”

    1. That was yesterday. They’re open again today. I got some this morning in Brooksville.

  1. Do you have any suggestions for items safe to use in place of sandbags. Can we use trash bags in replacement? And are there any in the Land planes area. I have an older couple on disability who reached out for help and I am trying to help in an way I can.

    1. Pet food bags are often usable. They have a plastic coat on the bag and are very durable. I don’t think trash bags will hold. Do you have the number to Pasco Emergency Services?

    2. There is a sandbag station at the Land O’Lakes Rec Center, open 8 am to midnight. You can have them call Pasco Emergency Services citizen help line at 727-847-2411. Also, shelters are opening at 11 am today in Pasco.

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