homosassa inshore fishing report

Homosassa Inshore Fishing Report with Captain Toney

By Captain William Toney Posted on January 19, 2021

Fishing for trout in shallow water is very good right now.

I look for a depression in the surrounding flat that is around two feet deep with sponge and coral bottom. Using a D.O.A. 5.5 glow jerk bait with an Owner 3/0 bait style hook through the nose will catch fish.

Be prepared to stop the vessel when an angler hooks up because the trout will be in a tight school. Fan cast the area until the bite dies down then move ahead until the bite happens again.

Many of these fish will be oversized so once we have the one trout over 19 in the boat I will leave all the other large trout in the water while I unhook them, it’s best for the fish. 

The nearshore rock piles are getting ripe with sheepshead coming up to this full moon. Using live shrimp on a 1/8 oz, jighead or knocker rig is the best tackle. The incoming tide is best, and cast close to the rock from an uptide anchored boat. You will find that there is a sweet spot on each rock so concentrate your cast there.

Incoming tide this weekend will be in the afternoon. 

Homosassa Weekly Fishing Report from Captain William Toney

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