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Innovation Collective offers Free Inspirational Summit October 22-23: A Weekend of Storytelling and Mentorship

By Florida's Original NatureCoaster™ Posted on October 21, 2021

IC Summits are your opportunity to recharge, get inspired, and spend quality time with some of the greatest minds of our generation.

These 2-night experiences consist of stories that tell life lessons, professional development, and a high-energy business building session that will super-charge your ideas!

Included are several interactive experiences that will change the way attendees think. Innovation Collective scours the globe in search of professionals who have accomplished some incredible things and then those leaders spend two days mentoring us.

Innovation Collective offers Free Weekend of Storytelling and Mentorship

Sam Eschelman, the local connector for Innovation Collective’s Brooksville location, couldn’t be happier to introduce all of Brooksville to Tach Branch-Dogans.

Tach Branch-Dogans

Tach has been finding creative ways to help heal her communities by providing the best solutions to an aging market. She’s helping families stay home together, and providing the best ways to help them relocate across the country. She started out dedicated to all-around fitness for adults and then combined this skill with building better psycho-social profiles to create healthier lifestyles for longevity and wellness.

You’ll want to hear about her new focus on bridging the gaps between family and hospital care, and how we can apply these solution-seeking actions to our own fields to harness the power of our own market gaps in communities.

Paul Finman

What if you walked out of the doctor’s office one day with alarming results from a test concerning cancer metrics?

Would your first thought be to return home, do extensive research for months, and initiate a low-cost course of action through 5 months of self-treatment using healthier lifestyle habits to bring the alarming metrics down?

Paul Finman did just this, and since then has been working on a project to build a decentralized process for systematic testing and treatment of this cancer on an individual scale. Not to mention he’s also working on a stock trading algorithm and an autonomous agricultural/security robot.

This Summit is for anyone who feels like life has been constantly one obstacle overlapped with another, but can confidently say, “I want better.”