July’s Gardening Classes in Hernando County

By Meaghan Goepferich Posted on July 10, 2021

We have a new series starting! This series is all about learning to garden in our area. Please read the following for more information. 

July’s Gardening Classes in Hernando County

Statement of Purpose

“Good food comes from your own hands.” Everyone should have access to the knowledge of how to successfully grow your own food. This gardening series is an introduction for novice gardeners to prepare to get your hands dirty and gain the tools for success. The purpose of the gardening sessions is to prepare you for what comes next in our season with enough time to prepare and plan. Please, join our journey and revolutionize your idea of wholesome food.

These sessions are designed as a lecture series covering different topics regarding home gardening. Each lecture will also provide written materials for you to take home for future reference.

Session Topics

July’s Gardening Class Schedule!

July 8th – Squash

This class will discuss both winter and summer squash varieties, growth profiles, common pests and diseases, and harvesting techniques. Approaching the fall season we will be entering the perfect weather for growing winter squash. Ensuring that your winter squash is ripening on the vine as cool weather begins to increase will cause the produce to store sugars in larger quantities resulting in a better taste. We will discuss the different varieties and how to grow smaller varieties on a trellis and how to cure squash to ensure that it lasts several months in storage.

July 15th – Brassicas

Let’s talk about cruciferous vegetables! Bok choy, broccoli, brussels sprouts, cabbage, and cauliflower… YUM! This session will discuss the growing profiles for vegetables in the Brassica family and the complications with growing them in Central Florida. We will discuss succession cropping for continuous fresh eating, what to do with a large harvest, how to plan so your produce will be sweetened by frost, and general management practices against common pests and diseases.

July 22nd – Winter Greens

In this session we will discuss the different varieties of winter greens including collards, kale, lettuce, and mustard greens. The class will focus on the growing profiles and harvesting method for each type of green. I will also take time to differentiate between leaf, romaine, and heading lettuce. We will discuss the different varieties available to home gardeners, specifically specialty varieties that are not available at the grocery store.

July 29th – Planning Session with Open Q&A

This session will be an open Q&A. Bring your supplies and ideas to sit down and start drafting your garden plans for the upcoming season. I will bring the materials that I use to plan my garden, seed catalogs to search through, and my reference library for anyone interested.



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