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Making Progress toward getting Fit at TreeUmph! Adventure Course

By Florida's Original NatureCoaster™ Posted on July 19, 2018

This week involved a decent amount of physical activity for me, so I am making progress toward getting fit at TreeUmph! of Brooksville. Originally I was scheduled to do course 1, or courses 1 and 2, at TreeUmph! on Saturday at 8 am, but the opportunity to try a new, clear bottom kayak in Crystal River came up so I rescheduled my tree adventure for Sunday at 8.

Kayaking from Hunter Springs park to Three Sisters Springs, swimming and then kayaking back got my arms stronger and I had a blast! The people at Hunter Springs Kayaks were great to work with, and NatureCoaster photographer, Pat Manfredo, came along and took some wonderful wildlife images.

Sunday morning, I went back to the trees and completed course 1 and the Triumph Zip line by 9 am. I was waiting to start on a picnic table with two other ladies who are annual passholders for Brooksville. We introduced ourselves and got started together. Camaraderie seems to flourish here.

I went home after my morning “workout” feeling strong and enthusiastic – this must be what endorphins feel like. My shoulders and upper arms already feel stronger, although I still have the arm flaps under my biceps. Still, my triceps didn’t even utter a peep. What a far cry from the “suffering” of the first few visits to my favorite outdoor gym!

I got home, took a shower, changed and went to church full of life!

I have lost 1.5 pounds. Not much, but some. And since I am not doing any real dietary changes, this is a real plus. Before I left TreeUmph! Sunday morning, I made my next appointment for 8 am Monday.

I went back Monday and conquered courses 1 and 2. Part way through course 2, my legs were jellyish, but I made it through to the end. I felt accomplished. Course 2 seemed harder this time, but that may be due to my not doing it for a week. I couldn’t make it on Tuesday, Friday or Saturday, so my next reservation is for Sunday morning at 8.

Meet me in the trees NatureCoasters. It’s such a fun way to get healthier and more confident and I think we will have an even better time if we do it together!