Old Homosassa Heritage Park

Old Homosassa Heritage Park

Almost three years ago, Roger Cullen, a resident of Old Homosassa, formed the “Access to the River” committee with the goal of creating a county park on the Homosassa River.  There is no free public access to the residents of the county to the river.  The original committee was made up of representatives of the Homosassa Civic ClubSave the Homosassa River Alliance,  and the Old Homosassa Heritage Council.

Old Homosassa Heritage Park
Artist Sheldon Lydy’s rendering of the Old Homosassa Heritage Park

After many meetings and months of planning, the committee approached the Citrus County Board of County Commissioners (BOCC) for support to help purchase the Old Homosassa Heritage Park–a “working waterfront’ park.

Old Homosassa Heritage Park
Shelley’s Seafood is part of the future “Working Waterfront” of the Old Homosassa Heritage Park.

This spot would continue with Shelley’s Seafood, the shrimp docks, and the Wild Sassa food trailer.  A house on the property would be turned into a museum dedicated to Old Homosassa, its history, and heritage.  The park would include a canoe and kayak launching area, a recreational fishing pier, benches and a picnic area.

Old Homosassa Heritage Park
The house on the property that will be converted to the Old Homosassa Heritage Museum.

The Citrus BOCC unanimously voted on  January 26, 2016 to create a Public-Private Partnership to “enhance access to the river for the citizens of Homosassa”.  Senator Wilton Simpson and Representative Ralph E. Massullo, MD also supported the committee and they were able to secure $850,000 in state funding for the park.

Old Homosassa Heritage Park
View of the Homosassa River from the Old Homosassa Heritage Park

To respond to any concerns the citizens of Citrus County might have, the Homosassa Civic Club is sponsoring a community meeting on Thursday, October 5th, 2017 at 6 pm in the Old Homosassa Learning Center.  The meeting will begin with a presentation on the park which will be followed by a question and answer period.

The fate of the park is now up to the commissioners during an upcoming meeting.  They will vote on funding the additional $550,000 that is necessary for the purchase of the property.

If you would like to know more about the park, please attend the community meeting this Thursday, October 5th.  If you want to make this park a reality, email your county commissioners your support.

Let’s have public access to the Homosassa River for all of Citrus County!

Old Homosassa Heritage Park


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    1. Thank you for your support Gene! Old Homosassa is a special and unique community. Love it when Sarasota Slim comes to our little village!

    1. I agree Errol. I hope the Citrus County Commissioners will fund the rest of the park and heritage museum. Old Homosassa is so rich in history and community.

    2. Thank you Errol, the Old Homosassa Heritage Park committee believes this will help bring the families together and save the heritage of the Old Homosassa community.

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