Pasco County 2017 Employees of the Year Announced

By Florida's Original NatureCoaster™ Posted on February 3, 2018

County recognizes both an outstanding Employee and a stand-out Leader

Pasco County government is pleased to announce the 2017 Employee of the Year and the 2017 Leader of the Year.  These awards recognize the most outstanding staff contributors based on specific criteria for job performance, devotion to duty, and cooperation observed throughout the year.  Members of the organization submit detailed nominations, and the leadership team votes for the winners.

Smita Ambadi, principal planner with the Planning & Development Department, is Pasco County’s 2017 Employee of the Year.  Smita played a key role in the redevelopment efforts along the west side of Pasco County.  Her development of the communications plan for the Gateways Crossing project and use of social media platforms moved this major Pasco County objective to completion.

Human Services Manager Kim Price is Pasco County’s 2017 Leader of the Year.  Kim distinguished herself as a strong leader in the 2017 hurricane season, where during Irma, she coordinated with multiple agencies to provide shelter for more than 25,000 residents at an unprecedented 29 locations.  Kim also provided oversight for the evacuation of thousands of special needs citizens.

“In order for an organization to become premier, it must attract, grow, and support a workforce of servant leaders, dedicated to improving the lives of people; contributing to a purpose larger than their individual job; and performing at the highest possible level day in and day out,” said Dr. Marc Bellas, who developed Pasco’s Employee Recognition Program.  “Smita and Kim represent exactly that!”


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