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Pasco County Opens Shelters for Irma

By Florida's Original NatureCoaster™ Posted on September 9, 2017

Some Pasco Shelters are starting to fill up

Pasco County is releasing a list of open shelters due to Hurricane Irma.


Wesley Chapel High School at 30651 Wells Rd., Wesley Chapel is no longer accepting general population evacuees as it is being used to house skilled nursing facility patients.

Mike Fasano Regional Hurricane Shelter, 11611 Denton Ave., Hudson is at capacity.


The following shelters are open Saturday, September 9, 2017 and are accepting pets.

 Sunlake High School, 3023 Sunlake Blvd., Land O Lakes

 Centennial Middle School, 38505 Centennial Rd., Dade City

*Attention Pet Owners: Please note the shelters are currently out of pet crates. If you bring your dogs you must have them on a leash and stay with your pet the entire time at the shelter. There is no weight/size limit for dogs. If you have an aggressive breed of dog (or has had previous aggression issues), please think twice about using the shelter or make sure the pet has a muzzle. Cats and other small pets must be in secured in a crate. Click here for a list of pet supplies and other helpful information:


Pasco County also has the following hurricane shelters open for residents without pets:

Pasco Middle School, 13925 14th St., Dade City

Fivay High School, 12115 Chicago Ave., Hudson

River Ridge Middle/High School, 11646 Town Center Rd., New Port Richey

Longleaf Elementary School, 3253 Town Ave., New Port Richey

Odessa Elementary School, 12810 Interloken Rd., New Port Richey

Schrader Elementary School, 11041 Little Rd., New Port Richey

Trinity Elementary School, 2209 Duck Slough Blvd., New Port Richey

New River Elementary School, 4710 River Glen Blvd., Wesley Chapel


Thomas E. Weightman Middle School, 30649 Wells Rd., Wesley Chapel

Wiregrass Ranch High School, 2909 Mansfield Blvd., Wesley Chapel

*Registered sex offenders will be housed at this site, at a different location

*Special needs and the general population can also be housed at this site

Raymond B. Stewart Middle School, 38505 10th Ave., Zephyrhills

SHELERS OPEN AT 3 P.M. 9/9/17:

The following shelters will be opening starting today, September 9, 2017 at 3:00 p.m.:

Sanders Elementary, 5126 School Road, Land O Lakes

Oakstead Elementary, 19925 Lake Patience Rd., Land O Lakes

Connerton Elementary, 9300 Flourish Dr., Land O Lakes

Pineview Elementary, 5333 Parkway Blvd., Land O Lakes

Veterans Elementary, 26940 Progress Parkway, Wesley Chapel

Seven Oaks Elementary, 27633 Mystic Oak Blvd., Wesley Chapel

Double Branch Elementary, 31500 Chancey Rd., Wesley Chapel

Citizens should first attempt to find shelter with neighbors, relatives or friends. If that is not an option, citizens can self-evacuate to the shelter. For assistance getting to a shelter, call Pasco County Customer Service at 727.847.2411.

Visit for updates on Hurricane Irma and for the latest actions Pasco County is taking. Citizens are also encouraged to visit the Pasco County Emergency Management website for more information about preparing for hurricanes or other disasters:


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