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Sertoma Foundation Offers Free Hearing Evaluations

By Florida's Original NatureCoaster™ Posted on February 7, 2018

Sertoma Speech & Hearing Foundation has announced that it will be offering free hearing evaluations with an audiologist.

For persons or their loved ones who have noticed signs of hearing loss such as asking them to repeat what was said, or have family members complained about the radio or television on too loud, or difficulty following conversations. Or perhaps its just a general concern that there may be a problem, Sertoma Foundation is now offering hearing evaluations at no charge.

Appointments are held on the second and forth Fridays of the month, and persons interested in a test must call first for an appointment at (727) 312-3881.  Also, if hearing aids are needed, financial assistance is available.

Hearing Loss is the most common anomaly uncovered in newborn screenings. Early detection and intervention is key for an infant to have the opportunity to access early intervention services including access to speech and other sounds for learning and brain development.

The mission of Sertoma Speech and Hearing Foundation is to enhance individual potential and quality of life through better hearing.