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Summer begins in Old Homosassa

Summer begins in Old Homosassa

By Kathy Green Posted on June 11, 2018

According to the calendar, summer starts with the summer solstice–the longest day of the year–and that’s June 21st.

And then there’s the opinion of every TV station news anchor that the beginning of summer is Memorial Day.  But that’s just wrong thinking–that’s when you can start wearing white! Yep, I got my white shorts on!

Here in Old Homosassa, the beginning of summer is the Cobia Big Fish Tournament which took place this past weekend–June 9th and 10th!

This is a long-running tradition and it’s limited to 200 boats! (and it was sum-sum-summertime hot!)

Summer begins in Old Homosassa
Boats everywhere! There are more down the river that you can’t even see!

It’s a three day event, starting with the Captains’ meetings on Friday evening, followed by fishing on Saturday and Sunday, and then the official weigh-in.  Big money goes to the winners!

Terry and I have a tradition of riding our bikes–the kind you peddle–to the send off at 7 am on Saturday morning.  There’s usually a crowd of early-risers there to wish the captains good luck as their numbers are called off and they are sent out to test their skills.

(Not so many show up on Sunday–captains or well wishers!)

The weigh-in for the biggest fish is on Sunday at 4 pm.

Now that pulls in a crowd!

Summer begins in Old Homosassa

Summer begins in Old Homosassa
Fortunately, Old Homosassa is a golf cart community. The locals can always find a place to park!

Okay.  That’s my beginning of summer!  Followed by our Fireworks Festival on June 23rd and then scalloping season starts on July 1st.

Crazy days ahead in Old Homosassa!