Two County Playground Projects Completed

By Meaghan Goepferich Posted on May 29, 2020

Citrus County Parks and Recreation’s Grounds Maintenance Division along with contractor, Pro Playgrounds, have completed new playground equipment installation at both Beverly Hills Community Park and Holden Park (Inverness).

Two County Playground Projects Completed

The newly installed play structures are budgeted items listed in the County’s Capital Improvement Projects Plan (CIP) and scheduled for 2020.

Beverly Hills Community Park Playground Project completed May 4, 2020:

Budgeted = $50,504
Expense = $38,925
Holden Park Playground Project completed May 1, 2020:
Budgeted = $52,054
Expense = $52,000

The playground equipment was replaced at both parks due to age and as part of Parks and Recreation’s annual maintenance and improvements to amenities, following the County CIP.


Cj says

As this is a welcome addition to the parks in Florida just wondering if parents where included in the ideas that where used? Also by looking at it I’m not sure it’s handicap accessible. Maybe in the future we can consider all children in our community that would love to play in this park. So if it sounds unthankful I’m am. Just think with tax payers dollars the citizens should be involved.

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