Utility Customers Continue to Cash in on Water Savings

By Meaghan Goepferich Posted on April 15, 2021

Even with extra handwashing and less than average rainfall, Citrus County Utilities’ customers that participated in conservation efforts reduced their water consumption by over 65 million gallons in 2020.

Utility Customers Continue to Cash in on Water Savings

From taking advantage of free Florida-Friendly Landscaping™ classes and irrigation system trainings to installing Water Sense labeled faucet aerators, toilets, and irrigation controllers, the Citrus County Department of Water Resources’ conservation team reached nearly 3,000 citizens in 2020.

Customers that participated in a free irrigation system training saved nearly ten million gallons of water. The training focuses on irrigation system efficiency, understanding the controller and identifying leaky sprinkler heads.  

Did you know that toilets produced before 1995 use 3.5 to seven gallons of water or more per flush? One hundred, fifty-eight CCU water customers replaced their old water guzzlers with EPA WaterSense labeled models. These customers saved an estimated 950,000 gallons of water last year. 

Installing EPA WaterSense labeled irrigation controllers accounted for over 21,000,000 gallons saved. These controllers allow watering schedules to better match plants’ water needs while still reducing water consumption on an annual basis. 

The utility continues to participate in the Southwest Florida Water Management District and Withlacoochee Regional Water Supply Authority’s cooperatively funded effort to offer irrigation evaluations. Participants from phases one through four of this effort jointly saved over 35 million gallons of water in 2020. 

Conservation programs are funded through grants and the Department of Water Resources enterprise fund, aka Citrus County Utilities (CCU).  If you would like further details or are a CCU water customer interested in participating in conservation programming, please call (352) 527-7669. 


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