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WellCome OM Project Installs Wastewater Treatment System

By Florida's Original NatureCoaster™ Posted on August 13, 2018

New System Protects Ecosystem and Water Recycling System

WellCome OM Integral Healing & Education Center is nearing completion and has recently installed two systems to protect the ecosystem. The WellCome OM Center consists of three buildings nestled on six acres of land among beautiful gardens, pathways, and natural habitat to promote an ecofriendly and sustainable environment.

About the CE30 Wastewater Treatment System

To protect the balance of our ecosystem without using chemical treatments and to preserve the water quality of the Weeki Wachee Spring fed watershed for future generations, a wastewater treatment system has been installed which biologically processes waste and uses the resulting nitrogens in surrounding non-edible landscaping. The resulting system is superior to traditional septic systems or regional wastewater treatment plants lowering the cost of infrastructure maintained by taxes and the impact on local environment. WellCome OM will likely adopt a “living building certification which is comprehensive and can be obtained over time as the remaining elements are completed after construction,” said Darren Azdell, principal of OutsideIN Architecture, LLC. For more information go to www.Living-Future.org.

About the Water Recovery Cistern

“People ask ‘What are those giant silver tubes we have around our buildings?’” said Mr. Azdell. Mr. Azdell was so glad people are noticing because they are above ground cisterns and noticing them is the point. “Water is the most important resource we have on earth and sadly it is the most disrespected one we have,” said Azdell, “So we have chosen not only to protect our water but, to remind every person who visits this place, how important clean water is to life. Our buildings have been carefully designed to conserve, recycle and capture water,” he added.

As one notices the roofs as they emerge the public can see a very innovative building roof design. Each roof surface is constructed of galvalume, which is not only a great solar radiator, but also a great material for the collection of rain water. The water comes off each building roof in a dynamic way. So dynamic that they can be seen from any place on the property, inside and out.

The 10-foot-high and 4 to 6-foot-wide cisterns are made from sustainable materials. Each with a serviceable top containing a small tower with several screens to filter debris and prevent insects and pests from entering the system. Gravel is placed on the tops to reduce splashing. Each cistern is designed to collect the initial rainfall from Florida’s heavy rains that would otherwise overwhelm most stormwater systems and end up in the storm sewer. The water is then slowly released into the ground in and around the buildings for plantings. A spigot is also available for the washing of buildings and sidewalks as opposed to using potable water for these tasks. When the tanks are full a release valve is opened to allow the water to out-flow to one of the many swales you will find winding through the property, which lead to a common area dry-retention pond. Each swale and the pond will contain bald-cypress trees, which have the unique ability to absorb contaminants, keep the soil pervious, and can tolerate both wet and dry environments when needed. Short of a heavy rainfall lasting many days, the swales and pond should remain relatively dry demonstrating a successful, sustainable system which is not reliant on any heavy, expensive infrastructure. The cisterns are just one part of an interconnected passive water system used at WellCome OM. All of this is done to not only demonstrate the need to protect our natural resources but has reduced the operation and construction costs of the building and impact on the surrounding community. Says Azdell, “Saving money while saving life sounds good. I’ll drink to that. Water please!”

About OutsideIN Architecture, LLC

Native to Hernando County, OutsideIN Architecture, LLC, is known for their sustainable design practices and projects internationally. The cisterns in use at WellCome OM have most recently been exported to Puerto Rico to assist in recovery and permanent sustainable infrastructure initiatives. From one community to the next education brings wellbeing. “Spread the well,” adds Azdell.

Attached photos:  Attached photos show the new wastewater treatment system being installed as well as the huge cisterns located throughout the WellCome OM site.

For updates about the project join WellCome Om’s mailing list at https://wellcomeomcenter.com/#join-mail-list.

About the Name WellCome OM

We chose the name of the center to express the essence of health that is attained using a holistic approach. As such, we work in harmony with and through the scope of universal, natural and evidence-based scientific knowledge together with the spiritual realm to allow for a complete experience in the quest for wellness.

You may note that there is an intentional addition of another “l” to the word welcome to reflect and emphasize our meaning.  So, the “well” will “come” “om” (remembering home). Om, while not quite the word “home”, is a true spiritual home for many human beings. Om is a two letter word that actually has four syllables to be chanted and is highly symbolic in many religions and cultures throughout the world. Om is derived from ancient sanskrit language that essentially captures the feel and totality of life. The chant of om with its four sounds of a-u-m-silence, is a combination of sounds that when produced will vibrate several areas of the body. This chanting done repeatedly allows for a meditative state that can change the way one feels in a very positive way. Please note that while we are expressing complete reverence for the symbolism of om, our center is open to non-biased spiritual expression with no expectations for the public to endorse the meaning or concept.


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